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Julius Garage

In late 2018 a recent customer "Julius" approached me at a HOT RODS event and requested a replica of his unique miniature car. After understanding his demand, his car a 1946 Ford with a Mustang V8 mechanic, electronic injection and 380hp - inspired by a concept drawing made by the renowned designer of custom cars Chip Foose. Your dream was immortalized in miniature! Along with the car was requested an American-style garage, so I created a garage with signs of abandonment but with a lot of personality and gave the name of Julius Garage as a special touch for the customer. I must assume that I am not an expert on impeccably painted cars, but it was a great challenge to develop this scale model. One more happy customer and one more story preserved in scale. Thank you Julius

Scale: 1/24

Purchase Availability: SOLD


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